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Consideration of unduly lenient sentences

Celia Marr discusses the extent of the Court of Appeal's power when passing new sentences, recent legislation on psychoactive substances, and the pro

20 Jun 2016

No change of PACE for search warrants

Vivien Cochrane and Irene McMillan look at search warrants, the police recording of comments following caution, and recent updates to Codes C, D, an

13 Jun 2016

Coroners’ inquests: Defining the inquisition

Despite not being a court of remedy, the inquest can be a valuable tool to provide a form of redress for bereaved families, writes Davi

13 Jun 2016

Professional bodies best placed to tackle money laundering, says Law Society

SRA claims for independence from Chancery Lane rebutted in ongoing regulator

08 Jun 2016

A pale imitation of justice

An increasing inequality of arms and a 'pot luck' approach to supporting unrepresented defendants is putting the integrity of the justice system at

07 Jun 2016

From the Archive - May 30, 1896

The inequality o

07 Jun 2016

Deepcut verdict a ‘setback’ in fight against sexual abuse in the armed forces

Scope of inquest too narrow to 'shine a light on the real issues', says military claim

06 Jun 2016

Have we missed the reintroduction of ‘peine forte et dure’ in the criminal courts?

The purpose of admissions is being manipulated to the prosecution's benefit. John Cooper Q

31 May 2016

Claimant firms must prepare for the long haul

Understanding how litigation strategies affect cash flow will allow claimant firms to hold their nerve in the face of obstructive defendant tactics, advise

31 May 2016

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