Police & Prisons

‘Black cab rapist’ appeal: What are the police’s chances of success?

Richard Clayton QC considers the prospects of the police’s argument that it should not be sued under the Human Rights Act in light of past cas

22 Mar 2017

Prisons and Courts Bill allows judges to ‘focus on cases that matter’

Victims and the vulnerable at centre of court changes with justice secretary accountable for reformin

23 Feb 2017

New bail arrangements under the Policing and Crime Act 2017

The Act should improve decision making and reduce distress and injustice for individuals placed on bail, but further guidance will be needed first, writes Ale

13 Feb 2017

UK’s ‘world-leading’ spy powers ‘a beacon for despots’

Liberty hints opposition to ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ will go to the courts as Bar chair claims the Act falls short on protecting lega

29 Nov 2016

Gradual PACE of change

Claire Hegarty and Irene McMillan consider developments in case law and legislation relating to police powers, including the contentious question of the use of pre-charg

08 Nov 2016

Sir Henry Brooke: Death penalty not up for debate

‘There will always be people who will want an eye for an eye, but I hope it won’t com

02 Nov 2016

What sort of people are being attracted to the bench?

Increased sentencing powers should not be seen as a morale-boosting tool for the magistracy, writes Jonatha

19 Oct 2016

Getting away with murder

An inadmissible confession, and the lengths the police can go in pursuit of a suspect, shows the significance of PACE, writes Mai

18 Oct 2016

The usual suspects?

Melissa Colloff, Kimberley Wade, and Deryn Strange consider the implications of a study on how eyewitnesses’ decision making is affected when suspects in a lineup have distinctiv

12 Oct 2016