Practice Notes: Pensions

Extended exposure

Professional pensions advisers have a lengthy exposure to claims against them, so what can they do to protect themselves, ask Julian Miller and Sar

03 Dec 2014

With greater access to pensions comes greater responsibility

Jennie Kreser discusses pension death taxes and government guidance on individuals&rsquo

02 Dec 2014

Minister calls for pensions freedoms to be extended to purchasers of annuities

The Association of British Insurers says idea will only act to further confus

01 Dec 2014

All change

Penny Cogher scrutinises the government's wide ranging changes to pensions and offers guidance on what they mea

13 Nov 2014

Beware elephant traps

Even with the government abolishing the pension's inheritance tax, there are still plenty of potential pitfalls advisers must be war

24 Oct 2014

BT loses pensions appeal

Government liable to cover BT pension scheme deficit under crow

23 Oct 2014

Pensions update

Jennie Kreser discusses what contingency methods employers’ with pension deficits could be forced to take after the PPF publishes the results of its

10 Sep 2014

In one fell swoop

Budget proposals allowing people to take out their whole pension have attracted overblown media attention, but this is a real game changer, says Scot

18 Aug 2014

An end to pensions?

Tax planning demonstrates the synergy between legal and financial work, says Ia

01 Jul 2014

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