Practice Notes: Pensions

Make sure they're golden

If your clients' are banking on the good life when they retire, they need to realise that it's a goal they have to reach for throughout their li

17 Feb 2016

Smells like scandal

Many don't realise that they could be be losing half the value of their pension benefits, even with the introduction of a cap on exi

12 Feb 2016

If it's not broken...

The pension freedoms do not mean that funds have to be withdrawn. Many will benefit from simply leaving their mone

01 Feb 2016


Small businesses must address their pension scheme auto-enrolment obligations before non-compliance penalties begin t

22 Jan 2016

To trust a professional

Catherine Robson considers what value there is in appointing a legal practitioner to administer an estat

03 Dec 2015

A study of 
pension scheme trustees

While mostly fairly obvious, research into the governance structure of schemes has revealed some interesting (and at times concerning) statistics, writes J

01 Dec 2015

Not so wise

What now for the government's beleaguered pension guidanc

25 Nov 2015

All my worldly goods with thee I share

What can you do when your pension scheme provider clearly discriminates against you, but is completely protected by the law of the land? Not much, i

18 Sep 2015

The Marriage Act 2013: A battle half won?

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, enacted in England and Wales in March 2014 with Scotland following suit the following December, has gone down as

15 Sep 2015

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