Disclosure: the living pilot

Johnny Shearman comments on a new era for disclosure as the mandatory pilot scheme is extended 

13 Oct 2020 | Litigation

Need to know

Alec Samuels revisits the age-old problem of what qualifies as in the public interest

13 Oct 2020 | Legal services

Dealing a double blow

Michael Dimas makes the case for simultaneous applications for summary judgment and strike out 

15 Sep 2020 | Litigation

Busting the litigation backlog

Tony Guise explains how technology and ADR can overcome the tsunami of litigation

09 Sep 2020 | ADR & Mediation

Understanding Part 36, from day one

Kerry Underwood argues the case for day one Part 36 offers, in almost any instance

09 Sep 2020 | Costs

Rebranding civil litigation

Sophie Khan questions whether The White Book needs renaming after 21 years

08 Sep 2020 | Ethics and Compliance

The rise of the private prosecution

Private prosecutions are cheaper and more effective, argue Kate McMahon and Tamlyn Edmonds 

08 Sep 2020 | Legal services

Yorkshire firm sues former client

Haven Solicitors sues The Police Federation for slander

26 Aug 2020 | Litigation

Nightingale courts map launched amid covid-19 court hours controversy

Lawyers can now find out which Nightingale courts are operational through a newly launched interactive map from the Law Society

14 Aug 2020 | Crime

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