Trivial pursuits

How can we stop neighbour disputes finding their way to court, wonders Jean-Yve

04 Sep 2017

Whistling to a funder’s tune?

Different types of litigation funding can influence a claimant’s choice of venue, adding to the complexity of their decision making, explain Ben Pilbrow and Rut

23 Aug 2017

A more than half empty glass

Jackson LJ has not addressed the root causes of high costs in clin neg claims, which may lead to serious, unintended consequences for patient safety, explains Pete

07 Aug 2017

A further step along the fixed costs road

Lord Justice Jackson’s report on extending the fixed costs regime is a welcome development, writes Kerr

07 Aug 2017

Chasing the holy grail

Lord Justice Jackson has scaled back his fixed costs proposals, but this is far from the end of the story, writes John van de

04 Aug 2017

CROs: Too much of a bad thing

Is it time to consider a further remedy beyond civil restraint orders for dealing with irrational litigants, asks Patric

01 Aug 2017

Lord Justice Jackson scales back fixed costs proposals

One-size-fits-all cost proposal gives way to “a more segregate

31 Jul 2017

Government reminded of rule of law in Supreme Court decision quashing tribunal f

Employment tribunal fees had made access to justice unaffordable, justice

26 Jul 2017

Cross-border jurisdictions problematic for privilege

Different concepts of ‘privilege’ can present challenges, but there are a few steps that can bring some predictability, say Colin Passmore and Alexandr

24 Jul 2017