Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

60-second interview: Alison Parry

There are plenty of opportunities to be exploited in the Asian and Middle Eastern fiduciary

16 Mar 2015

Tax avoidance promoters to publicise their 'monitoring' status

'People who advise on good tax planning…should have nothing to fear from thi

16 Mar 2015

Avoidance or evasion?

Blurring the fine line between legitimate tax planning and illegal tax evasion neither helps the

12 Mar 2015

HMRC issues almost £100m in tax return penalties

Tax payers could find themselves with a daily penalty increase if they continue to fail to submit

10 Mar 2015

Ahead of the curve

Threatening to blacklist jurisdictions which fail to compile public registers of the beneficial

09 Mar 2015

UK tax system is 'out of date'

Report finds that some businesses abandon transactions due to the risk posed by employment statu

06 Mar 2015

£17bn of digital assets could be left in cyber space

Three quarters of Britons have no plans in place for their online assets in the event of thei

06 Mar 2015

Banks and financial services firms at risk of employment litigation

The 2015 bank bonus season could lead to an increase in lega

04 Mar 2015

An election on the horizon…

A public registry will be of dubious value if it is bypassed by criminals and those who misuse

03 Mar 2015

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