Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

In defence of deeds of variation

Following George Osborne's announcement of a review of the use of deeds of variation, Roger

08 Apr 2015

'Black Jack' Dellal argues that deceased husband gave away fortune

A widow's own wealth should not defeat claim for reasonable financia

07 Apr 2015

Pandas and pumas

The new arena for international and progressive trade is to be found in the trade ties between

02 Apr 2015

Privacy injunction involving premier league footballer to be lifted

Emphasis on need for proper evidence when seeking privacy injunctions This story has been updated:

31 Mar 2015

The business of IHT

It's very difficult to reduce inheritance tax exposure, but clients may have some luck by

30 Mar 2015

Trusts - down but not out

Legalisation and public perception have reduced the popularity of trusts as wealth structuring

27 Mar 2015

Keeping to your word

The ground occupied by claimants in a proprietary estoppel case is never certain, and the claim

26 Mar 2015

Europe on the mend

Europe has found it trickier to overcome the economic downturn than most expected, but there are

26 Mar 2015

Clear as mud

Divorce settlements involving farmland are informed by strong case law, but they have tended

25 Mar 2015

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