Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

UK tax system is ‘out of date’

Report finds that some businesses abandon transactions due to the risk posed by employment statu

06 Mar 2015

£17bn of digital assets could be left in cyber space

Three quarters of Britons have no plans in place for their online assets in the event of thei

06 Mar 2015

Banks and financial services firms at risk of employment litigation

The 2015 bank bonus season could lead to an increase in lega

04 Mar 2015

An election on the horizon…

A public registry will be of dubious value if it is bypassed by criminals and those who misuse companies to launder money or evade taxes, says Geof

03 Mar 2015

To let, or not to let?

Taking out an incorrect mortgage type, deliberately or not, is a matter which both the courts and your lender will not take lightly a

27 Feb 2015

Freedom of choice

If prenuptial agreements exist so that we can decide which assets we don't want to bring into a marriage, why doesn't the law always reflect tha

26 Feb 2015

Coming to Australia

Stephen Banfield and Rita Choudhury consider the tax and residency issues likely to arise for anyone considering relocating to Australi

23 Feb 2015

What next for Europe?

The ECB’s quantitative easing programme is very welcome but it is not guaranteed to replicate the effects seen in the US and th

19 Feb 2015

Death by deflation

The eroding effects of inflation have given it the well-deserved title of 'silent killer'. But with deflation now so widespread across the world

19 Feb 2015

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