Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

Osborne revamps ISAs and rewards savers

The government could potentially contribute up to £6000 towards a couples deposit on their firs

19 Mar 2015

Government’s plans for tax avoidance penalties are ‘premature’

Accelerated payment notices have already been suspended and their long-term future remain

17 Mar 2015

Making light out of loss

Securing conditional tax relief benefits is never a straightforward undertaking. You could end up with more tax liabilities than you started out with, w

17 Mar 2015

Getting the numbers right

Accountancy firm, Carter Backer Winter, explores some of the finer details required to secure the best divorce settlement for your clien

17 Mar 2015

60-second interview: Alison Parry

There are plenty of opportunities to be exploited in the Asian and Middle Eastern fiduciary markets, Alison Parry tells PC

16 Mar 2015

Tax avoidance promoters to publicise their ‘monitoring’ status

'People who advise on good tax planning…should have nothing to fear from thi

16 Mar 2015

Avoidance or evasion?

Blurring the fine line between legitimate tax planning and illegal tax evasion neither helps the industry, nor does it inform the public debate, says Ja

12 Mar 2015

HMRC issues almost £100m in tax return penalties

Tax payers could find themselves with a daily penalty increase if they continue to fail to submit their retur

10 Mar 2015

Ahead of the curve

Threatening to blacklist jurisdictions which fail to compile public registers of the beneficial owners of trusts and companies is all well and good, but

09 Mar 2015

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