Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

Glass houses

IFCs have long had many of the financial safeguards in place which are only now becoming

27 Apr 2015

Tinker, tailor

Lucy Brennan dissects some of the more eye-catching parts of George Osborne's 201

24 Apr 2015

A bridge too far?

A deed of variation is a means of redirecting an inheritance so that an oversight can be

22 Apr 2015

A ticking time bomb

How can advisers protect their clients' international assets under the spectre of increasing

22 Apr 2015

Poorly advised investors told to act now

Investors in highly sophisticated schemes may have better grounds to make

21 Apr 2015

HMRC's watchful eye

Thomas Adcock advises on how to handle the government's probes into undeclared income and ta

21 Apr 2015

Tax carrots

The inheritance and income tax promises from party manifestos are little more than tinkering.

17 Apr 2015

The icing on the cake

Maximising tax relief benefits on donations will go a long way to helping charities continue to

16 Apr 2015

Non-dom capital gains tax comes into effect

Changes may prompt high-net worth individuals to reconsider their property investmen

08 Apr 2015

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