Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

The treasures of Castle Howard

Jeremy Passmore explores the potential routes to meeting the maintenance costs of possessing

20 May 2015

Outliving finances

Freedom to access pension savings is very welcome, but short-sighted decisions could result in

18 May 2015

Looking for a spark

Volatility across asset classes looks likely to continue as global economies employ contrasting

08 May 2015

Putting family first

Dominic Wheatley suggests that family businesses should consider the benefits offered by

05 May 2015

Bestowing chattels

Finding a piece of art that will increase in value is a tricky undertaking, but it can be

01 May 2015

Financial services sector faces high risk of age discrimination claims

'Godfather of retail' case could be the start of many suc

30 Apr 2015

Pension paradox

The biggest benefit of the pension freedoms may come from leaving the money untouched and

29 Apr 2015

Political parties are offering 'piecemeal changes' to tax

Study finds 'little evidence of any coherent strategy and numerous proposals that would

29 Apr 2015

Insolvency professionals call for legislative change to fight war on fraud

One in nine British adults admit to being a victim of fraud in las

28 Apr 2015

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