Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

Navigating legal complexities in the digital world

Jin Ling and Holly White consider NFTs, the metaverse, and intellectual property

11 Oct 2022

Case study: Corporate IT infrastructure and cloud solutions firm

Pieter Van Rooyen and Matt Poli present a case study on a commercial transaction

09 Oct 2022

Visa and Mastercard face class action lawsuit served in London

Harcus Parker claims Visa and Mastercard forced banks to agree to 'anti-competitive and

03 Oct 2022

All change: Hirachand v Hirachand [2021] EWCA Civ 1498

Michael Welsh evaluates the effect of Hirachand

21 Aug 2022

The Trust Registration Service (TRS)

Neal Groves considers HMRC’s tax regime

15 Aug 2022

Businesses that ignore Plastic Packaging Tax 'in for a nasty surprise'

Just 992 businesses have voluntarily registered for the tax

15 Aug 2022

Decrease in trust? High Street banks and equity

George Grierson examines why fewer High Street banks now deal with trusts

17 Jul 2022

The challenges facing the SFO

Aziz Rahman examines problems with SFO investigations

05 Jul 2022

What is the UK Trust Registration Service?

Elaine Morgan examines the purpose of the UK TRS, and how it helps clients

23 Jun 2022

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