Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

Knowledge is power

Continued research into Jersey's place and contribution to the global financial management sector is what keeps the jurisdiction on its toe

20 Aug 2015

All change, please

The EU Succession Regulation is now in effect. Advisers must ensure that both they and their client's are aware of its significant effects, says Rac

18 Aug 2015

The great escape

When trouble is brewing at home and there is little sign of it subsiding, we might all benefit from taking a leaf out of the Brazilian president'

07 Aug 2015

HMRC defeats accelerated payments legal challenge

The tax authority expects to issue 64,000 notices by 2016 and bring in £5.5bn in dispute

06 Aug 2015

FCA and HMRC launch financial advice review

'The reality is that many people cannot afford to pay for good quality independent financia

06 Aug 2015

HMRC defeats employment giant at Court of Appeal over £158m of unpaid tax

Expense payments found to be part of employed temps' ordinary salar

06 Aug 2015

Gifts with strings - a taxing problem

Gifting away your assets is one of the more straightforward ways to reduce IHT exposure but nothing can protect you from beneficiaries who turn their ba

05 Aug 2015

The road less travelled

Startups, fresh ideas and innovation; all the hallmarks of the young entrepreneur, right? Shweta Jhajharia disagree

27 Jul 2015

Never mind the budget

George Osborne managed to deliver a budget which appears to offer a few giveaways, without actually giving much awa

23 Jul 2015

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