Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

Private actions for breach of competition law could see banks in the firing line

Seismic changes will make it easier for the public and SMEs to bring class actions for los

01 Oct 2015

FATCA: are you up to date?

As the global reach of FATCA becomes ever more real and invasive, Iain Younger provides a

29 Sep 2015

Turn a new leaf

There is no longer a great deal of time remaining to take advantage of one of the last remaining

29 Sep 2015

A miserly allowance

The new inheritance tax additional nil rate band is very welcome and long overdue, but it is

28 Sep 2015

The good, the bad and the costly

Despite what seem like endless developments eroding away at the benefits of drawing up a will,

17 Sep 2015

A rough ride

The significance of Fly Emirates' decision to run a direct service from the Middle-East to

15 Sep 2015

Without a paddle

The recent Nigel Rowe and Others v HMRC case has emboldened an already marauding authority, so

15 Sep 2015

APNs bring in £1bn for treasury

Once issued with an accelerated payment notice, tax payers have almost no means of challenging th

14 Sep 2015

Waking the bull

Moving a market in the right direction takes a multitude of favourable developments, and

10 Sep 2015

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