Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

IHT conundrum

Inheritance tax is less and less an isolated matter and should be considered as one element of a

22 Sep 2006

Keeping control

Costs capping is likely to be extended beyond group litigation, but, Simon Brown asks, will it

15 Sep 2006

Under cover

Broker Nick Pointon explains which professional indemnity insurers cater for each type of la

25 Aug 2006

Unsettling matters

Split trials, liability and undersettlement: Nicholas A Peacock explains how two recent decisions

18 Aug 2006

Getting disclosure

Coroners should remain free to make appropriate orders due to their unique role and new legislation

11 Aug 2006

Life in crime

R v Coutts: Anthony Metzer discusses jury directions and alternativ

11 Aug 2006

Not so fine

New enforcement powers for the collection of fines threaten individual rights, says Ala

04 Aug 2006

Under review

Unsuccessful bidders should take greater advantage of opportunities offered by judicial review.

28 Jul 2006

Solomon's judgment

The Official Solicitor's costs in representing a patient's best interests can be significant.

28 Jul 2006

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