Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

Why ATE?

After the event insurance has had a bad press, but Brian Dunk says it is a perfectly good way of

19 Jan 2007

After the event

Are staged ATE insurance premiums a risky business? asks Amand

19 Jan 2007

Bouncing liability

The Licensing Act 2003 has seen an increase in security requirements for licensed premises.

24 Nov 2006

Online shopping

As Christmas looms and online shoppers flex their credit cards, Nigel Miller warns e-traders to

24 Nov 2006

Update: trusts

Finance Act 2006 changesInter vivos trusts Trusts IPDIsBereaved minors18-25 trustsTransitional

17 Nov 2006

Out with bullying

Bullying can have disastrous consequences, warns Jonatha

03 Nov 2006

Faith lift

Imran Benson considers the Law Commission's proposal to review the law of insurance contracts and

27 Oct 2006

Lots in common

When is a common not a common? Richard Honey reports on the changes effected by the Commons Ac

20 Oct 2006

Update: tax

E-filing - Work and Families Act 2006 - HMRC initiatives - HMRC interest rates - Bonus rates for

06 Oct 2006

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