Practice Notes: Financial services & Tax

And he taketh away...

The best aid for tax avoidance is anti-avoidance legislation. R S Noc

09 Mar 2007

Nigel Riches

Nigel Riches was recently appointed as Eric Robinson Solicitors' environment officer. He explains

09 Mar 2007

Update: family

Liz Dronfield and David Taylor report on : Shared residence orders :: Clayton v Clayton [2006] 2

02 Mar 2007

Cinderella trusts

A&M trusts will disappear in April 2008. This may seem a long way away, but lawyers need to start

16 Feb 2007

The Laporte report

Laporte has curtailed police activity to prevent ‘future breaches of the peace'. Seamus Burn

16 Feb 2007

Update: agriculture

William Barr looks at inheritance tax and agricultural property relief after Antrobus 2, an

09 Feb 2007

ASBO 'victim'

For a person to behave in an anti-social manner, does a potential victim need to be present? Philip

02 Feb 2007

Update: wills & trusts

Catherine McAleavey and Catherine Sanders discuss Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants)

26 Jan 2007

Drawing the line

In boundary disputes where the original conveyance is not clear, the Court of Appeal has ruled that

19 Jan 2007

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