Practice Notes: Family

Long division

Wealth manager Dave Robinson, solicitor Jenine Abdo, and professional deputy Robert Thomas pool together to offer a breakdown of the challenges that are

23 Oct 2015

No-fault divorce

The fault-based nature of divorce in England and Wales, which requires one person to accuse the other of adultery or unreasonable behaviour to have their d

16 Oct 2015

Gohil and Sharland: Supreme Court rules dishonesty will not be tolerated

Court of Appeal judgment described as a 'rare aberration' by UK's to

14 Oct 2015

Book review: From Match Fixing to Murder

Dr Gregory Ioannidis reviews the first in a series of titles for practitioners in Solicitor

13 Oct 2015

Courts are deliberately misled by a quarter of divorce petitions

The time has come to introduce divorce without blame, argues Conservativ

12 Oct 2015

FDAs and FRDs: Tips for practitioners

Aim to define the issues and save costs, and be prepared for the judge to push the parties further than you might have anticipated, advises District Judge

06 Oct 2015

Family practitioners urged to show greater diligence on divorce centres’ first anniversary

Basic checks could save time, money, and increase client satisfaction, says Ton

05 Oct 2015

High net worths negotiating divorce settlements rather than risk loss of privacy

To say the law on press reporting 'is a mess' would be a 'serious understatement', says Mosty

01 Oct 2015


Across the pond, divorce selfies are becoming the new trend as couples celebrate reaching an amicable split by sharing the image on socia

25 Sep 2015

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