Practice Notes: Family

State of play: case summaries

Elizabeth Eyre and Jennifer Ridgway look at case law regarding how to draw a line between unwise decisions and a lack of capacity, as well as the robust

14 Mar 2016

The ‘why bother?’ attitude to cohabitation laws

The common law marriage myth stubbornly lives on, writes Marilyn Stowe, and it doesn't show any sign o

08 Mar 2016

Innovative family court saves taxpayers money

Criminal courts could benefit from FDAC approach , says Centre for Justic

07 Mar 2016

Where birds dare

The novel 'bird nesting' arrangement for separated couples is very much a rarity in the UK. It really shouldn'

07 Mar 2016

Missing no longer

The long overdue Presumption of Death Act 2013 has passed its first high-profile case with flying colour

07 Mar 2016

Tight, but fluid

The rules, limits and guidelines surrounding powers of attorney have changed markedly. Are you up t

29 Feb 2016

Tick-box marriage

A civil partnership for heterosexual couples will not undermine the institution of marriage. It will stop people who do not believe in it from entering

26 Feb 2016

New guidance seeks to prevent local authority misuse of care system

Charity aims to address confusion over heavily criticised section 2

25 Feb 2016

Fact-finding hearings in the health and social context

Laura Davidson considers the need for fact-finding in mental health cases, which was explored for the first time recently in AM v Partnerships i

23 Feb 2016

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