Practice Notes: Discrimination

Under cover

Broker Nick Pointon explains which professional indemnity insurers cater for each type of la

25 Aug 2006

Land Registry plans

New leases registered with the Land Registry must be accompanied by an approved plan. And it's not

18 Aug 2006

Litigation tactics

Martin Iller explores the limits of the ‘without prejudice' rule i

18 Aug 2006

Personal injury trusts

Personal injury trusts are the perfect solution for managing injury compensation awards for

11 Aug 2006

Getting disclosure

Coroners should remain free to make appropriate orders due to their unique role and new legislation

11 Aug 2006

Caution to the wind

Should your client accept a formal caution? Mark Conway considers the House of Lords' decision in

11 Aug 2006

No limits

The Lords' ruling in Sephton provides welcome clarification of limitation rules in negligence

28 Jul 2006

Landlord & tenant update (2)

Disrepair :: Forfeiture :: Break clause :: Landlord & Tenant Act (Covenants) Act 1995 :: Business

21 Jul 2006

Coroner Service Reform

The draft Coroners Bill aims to make the coroner service more efficient. Andrew Alonzi explain

21 Jul 2006

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