Practice Notes: Discrimination

Employers may impose 'neutral' dress code if applied equally

Workplace ban on religious symbols could be indirect discrimination if not legitimatel

14 Mar 2017

East Anglian legal advice centres 'not giving up' on access to justice

Reliance on volunteers is ‘fanciful’ and stakeholder funding remains vital followin

23 Feb 2017

Breaking down barriers

Practitioners should encourage employers to think beyond typical reasonable adjustments to ensure

21 Feb 2017

Making progress on workplace discrimination and stress

LGBT history month is a chance to reflect on the challenges faced by many who fought to overcome

14 Feb 2017

Supreme Court rules in favour of wheelchair user

‘Paulley principle’ requires bus companies to give disabled customers priority over wheelchai

18 Jan 2017

MoJ discriminated against judges, tribunal finds

Lord Chancellor fails to show treatment of claimants ‘to be a proportionate means of achieving a

16 Jan 2017

Civil partnership for only same-sex couples is 'discriminatory'

Private members bill receives cross-party support ahead of Common

12 Jan 2017

Religious beliefs over secular values

Alex Bearman discusses how equality laws apply to employment for the purposes of an organise

10 Jan 2017

The importance of worker status

Snigdha Nag reviews some key decisions of the year, including a number of cases considering

22 Dec 2016

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