Practice Notes: Discrimination

Religious beliefs over secular values

Alex Bearman discusses how equality laws apply to employment for the purposes of an organise

10 Jan 2017

The importance of worker status

Snigdha Nag reviews some key decisions of the year, including a number of cases considering employment status and the correct approach to unfai

22 Dec 2016

Protecting employees with cancer

Tilly Harries discusses the steps employers can take to meet their legal obligations towards employees with cancer and preven

09 Dec 2016

Can you help us to help others?

We can shine a light on some of the key areas of inequality facing our society, writes Davi

23 Nov 2016

Government’s ‘bedroom’ tax unlawful

Supreme Court slams ‘ironic and inexplicable inconsistency’ of state’

09 Nov 2016

The tide is turning in disability discrimination law

The courts’ increasingly liberal approach to article 15 claims places a greater onus on employers to provide objective justification for discrimination, sa

08 Nov 2016

Government facing JR over equality advice helpline contract

G4S 'manifestly ill-equipped to provide advice on discrimination and human rights,' say

06 Sep 2016

Knowledge is key in disability discrimination law

Karen Jackson discusses the first case of disability discrimination on motor neurone disease in the UK and the barriers faced by employees bringing simila

15 Aug 2016

Sexual harassment and discrimination still rife at the Bar

Over two-thirds of barristers considered quitting the Bar after experiencing bullyin

13 Jul 2016

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