Practice Notes: Discrimination

Cross-cultural working: together we stand?

Farhan Farani reflects on how multi-cultural and diverse firms can integrate teams working

29 Mar 2022

Taking action on diversity: Freeths' 2021 Diversity Pledge

Philippa Dempster shares details of Freeths’ 2021 Diversity Pledge, highlighting the

08 Dec 2021

Workers' watchdog

Government is to launch a new workers’ watchdog to tackle modern slavery 

08 Jun 2021

Cost of workplace conflict spirals

The annual cost to employers of workplace conflicts reached nearly £29bn just before the

11 May 2021

Ethnic minorities 'marching' into leadership in law

The number of ethnic minority solicitors is steadily increasing, the so-called 'race

01 Apr 2021

Civil justice backlog: Peers call for urgent measures

Government must act urgently to address the case backlog in the family and civil courts, peers said

30 Mar 2021

'No jab, no job': Employers spark legal debate

Trade unions condemn businesses taking a ‘no jab, no job’ stance over covid-19

19 Feb 2021

How to get a new disability recognised in law

Radiation sickness sufferers are fighting to have their condition recognised as a

07 Jan 2021

Employment discrimination claimants face more than a year's wait

Employment discrimination claimants face waiting until at least December 2021 for their hearings

09 Nov 2020

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