Practice Notes: Discrimination

Achieving true gender equity and parity in the legal profession

Kaajal Nathwani details the current state of play in the sector

22 Mar 2023

Reasonable adjustments in the workplace

Hina Belitz reviews the practicalities of discrimination law and equality practices at work

21 Feb 2023

Leigh Day secures thousands in compensation from BBC in TV licence sex discrimination claim

75 per cent of prosecutions brought by TV Licensing are against women

19 Jan 2023

A case law review of data retention in policing

Emelia Bezant-Gahan reviews when police infringement of Article 8 ECHR rights is deemed

20 Oct 2022

Refugee removal to Rwanda by plane: Is the deal worth it?

Dr Ruth Brittle considers human rights fears in sending refugees to Rwanda

05 Jul 2022

Back to (hybrid) work we go: health and safety HSAW 1974 after covid-19

Justin Tarka considers employers’ duty of care for employees and workers

24 Jun 2022

Supporting autistic children in the Family Court

Emma Hubbard reviews assistance for neurodiverse children in family proceedings

20 Jun 2022

SJ Interview: Ken Fowlie, Stowe Family Law

This issue, Chaynee Hodgetts interviews Ken Fowlie, chair of a top firm, Stowe Family Law

07 Jun 2022

Mind the (gender pay) gap?

Daniella McGuigan considers equal pay for women and discrimination

31 Mar 2022

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