Practice Notes: Data Protection

Reconciling AI and EU GDPR

Dr. Matthias Artzt explores potential conflict zones and areas of reconciliation between AI

01 Feb 2023

Online Safety Bill: proposed changes

The news in 60 seconds

18 Jan 2023

The TikTok breach

Sian Stephens examines the ICO’s recent fine of the social media giant

29 Nov 2022

Information overload? The future of the ICO

Emily Carter considers developments in the Information Commissioner’s Office

25 Oct 2022

‘Prove it’: online password safety

Alastair Murray explores how internet users can protect their passwords online

04 Oct 2022

ICO: second consultation launched on draft data and journalism code

The code has been streamlined following a first consultation

21 Sep 2022

UK GDPR: all change or no change?

Alexander Egerton provides an in-depth assessment of the UK’s reforms to GDPR

14 Jul 2022

Government shares plans to overhaul data laws 

The government wants to reduce the administrative burden on businesses

20 Jun 2022

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