Practice Notes: Commercial

Mauritius: Introduction of variable capital companies

Shianee Calcutteea, Sahirun Subadar and Vartika Sahai explore the benefits of variable capital

11 Jul 2022

The challenges facing the SFO

Aziz Rahman examines problems with SFO investigations

05 Jul 2022

Risk and reward: technology and firms' reputation management

Karim Derrick considers the role of IT in brand protection

27 Jun 2022

GCC talks

The UK has started free trade agreement talks with the Gulf Cooperation Council

22 Jun 2022

The 'computing hardware' sector and the NS&I Act

Vik Khurana assesses the implications of the National Security and Investment Act 2021

20 Jun 2022

Steve Jobs and the Apple example: are you who you advertise you are?

Patrick Horan examines firm branding and Steve Jobs’ Apple approach

14 Jun 2022

Winning bids: well begun is half done

David Yeoward examines problems in the procurement process

13 Jun 2022

Uptick in contracts advice

Economic pressue means businesses are scrutinising contracts closely

01 Jun 2022

Cost budgeting in multi-track cases

Ivan Goodsell explains when a cost budget is required and how submissions function in multi-track

19 May 2022

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