Practice Notes: Charities

Deathbed gifts and conflicts of interest

Sarah Clune and Sarah Eden provide an update on recent developments in charity law, including the Court of Appeal ruling on the doctrine of donatio morti

28 Jul 2015

Going it alone

Lynn Hitchen discusses the legal process involved in Alder Hey Children's Charity becoming independent of the NHS Trust earlier thi

07 Jul 2015

When two become one

The legal process is not a barrier to charity mergers, says Jo Coleman; rather it is the cultural, emotional, and personal issues that lawyers find the mos

07 Jul 2015

Open dialogue: Technical issues in charity law

The Law Commission's current consultation on charities promises to reduce the administrative burden and remove ambiguities in the law, say Alison Talbo

07 Jul 2015

Chuggers: Nearing the end of the road?

Advances in technology might prove to be the nail in the coffin for charity street collectors, say Darren Hooker and Cliv

07 Jul 2015

A new dawn

Lynn Buckley offers a comprehensive outline of the Care Act's wider impact on vulnerable clients and the potential role that charities may have to p

30 Jun 2015

What makes an activity a sport?

Is Bridge a sport or not? Sport England and the Charity Commission have completely contradicted each other on the debate, but the courts will soon have

25 Jun 2015

Charity Commission issues donation warning

Charities have recently been accused of funding groups with terroris

24 Jun 2015

Charity Commission to receive new powers

Charity Commission chairman believes new legislation will be 'vital' to stop charities being abuse

28 May 2015

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