International Insight

South Africa: the growth in foreign remote working

Helen Wilsenach argues employers must approach foreign remote working with caution

22 Jun 2022

Iran: the specter of a little-known genocide

Hamid Enayat explores the repercussions and impunity over a mass killing in Iran’s prisons

14 Jun 2022

The legal saga of Musk’s Twitter takeover

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey explores the evolving legal obstacles threatening Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter

13 May 2022

South Africa: options for employees injured by vaccinations

Talita Laubscher and Melissa Cogger explore how employees may be entitled to compensation from employers if they suffer injury, illness or death follo

10 May 2022

The legal aftermath of the Trump-Twitter saga

Cameron Tousi assesses the legal battle against Twitter following Donald Trump’s ban

01 May 2022

How to deal with Texas businesses without getting sued

David Coale explores when a Texas-based court can exercise jurisdiction over an out-of-state defendant

24 Apr 2022

Loss and liberty: Ridley v Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC

Chris Atkinson examines a case where a man’s liberty turned on litigation.

01 Apr 2022

The legal CEO

Francesc Dominguez argues that a ‘legal CEO’ can drive a firm’s success

29 Mar 2022

Sudan coup: implications for international law and the legal profession

Yassin Osman assesses the legal threats of Sudan’s counter-revolutionary coup in 2021 and how the legal profession can help

14 Mar 2022

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