International Insight

Brand, opportunity and trust: the best antidote for the Big Quit of 2023

Travis Schultz argues leadership, promoting growth and trust within firms are key for staff

16 Jan 2023

Doing business in India: sector-specific challenges and takeaways

Devina Narvekar gives an insightful overview of the business landscape in India

16 Jan 2023

New U.S. law creates a SPAC tax: or does it?

Cameron Tousi assesses the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act’s implications for SPACs

12 Dec 2022

Navigating Singapore’s fintech and crypto regulations

Chia Ling Koh and Norvin Chan present pitfalls fintech businesses should be aware of when

08 Dec 2022

Is competition law taking over data protection claims?

Matthew Hunt and Victoria Baron assess the CJEU’s opinion on Facebook infringing on

08 Dec 2022

Australia: legislative reform in family provision claims

Imogen de Haro reviews new changes and restrictions over family provision claims in New South Wales

11 Nov 2022

US: mortgage foreclosure litigation

Reminiscing the 2008 US housing crisis, Austin Aaronson explores whether history is about to repeat

08 Nov 2022

The upsurge of fintech in Latin America

Sebastián Ferreyra Romea and Ariel Garay consider Latin America’s fintech revolution

24 Oct 2022

International commercial law and the US Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA)

Dr Angelika Hellweger considers the impact of this US modern slavery law on international

14 Oct 2022

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