Public portrayals and perceptions of practitioners

David Pickup considers whether we need to change lawyers’ appearance in the media

27 Sep 2022

Strength in numbers: collective action

Georgina Hollis and Amar Chauhan consider how to find clients in group litigation

27 Sep 2022

Mind the (leadership) gap

Charlotte Harrison considers whether a lack of certain skills could be stopping firm growth in its

30 Aug 2022

Backlog in the Family Court

Anthony Kiernan considers delays to family justice

24 Aug 2022

All change: Hirachand v Hirachand [2021] EWCA Civ 1498

Michael Welsh evaluates the effect of Hirachand

21 Aug 2022

One step beyond: loss of profits and wasted expenditure

Rowan Turrall evaluates why the Court of Appeal found “loss of profits” exclusion did

21 Aug 2022

The Trust Registration Service (TRS)

Neal Groves considers HMRC’s tax regime

15 Aug 2022

The challenges of being different

Kerry Jack considers uniqueness in marketing

14 Aug 2022

I know what you did last Summer

David Pickup considers the Summer holidays, solicitor style

03 Aug 2022

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