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DAS attacks Jackson LJ for 'political' judgment

DAS, the UK’s biggest legal expenses insurer, has launched an outspoken attack on Lord Justice Jackson, who earlier this month accused litigation specialis

22 Dec 2010

Public has 'right to know' about lawyers with poor service history

Members of the public have a right to know about lawyers’ poor service history, the consumer panel has said in response to the legal ombudsman’s naming and

21 Dec 2010

Virtual courts pilot fails to deliver improvements to criminal justice system

The virtual courts pilot has proved disappointingly costly despite promising aspects, the initial evaluation report ha

21 Dec 2010

Lord Judge: journalists may tweet from court, in silence

Tweeting live from a trial is to remain the exception and may be restricted to journalists only according to interim guidance on the use of social media in

20 Dec 2010

Skype helps courts cut costs

Pressure on costs combined with a steady rise in workload has led to greater use of technology in court including the free internet phone service Skype, th

20 Dec 2010

Top of the strops

Rounding off another stellar year is Russell Conway, who scrabbles around for 2011's silver lining so you don't hav

20 Dec 2010

Pride and prejudice

Felix finds solice in the Millwall Football Club mantra 'no one likes us, we don't care

20 Dec 2010

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