Shareholder disputes: unfair prejudice petitions

Lisa Linklater QC considers the art of share valuation in company law

05 Aug 2022

The four-day week: reality in law?

Dana Denis-Smith considers whether a four-day week could work in the legal sector

03 Aug 2022

Access to community care law

Lainey Gough considers the challenges in access to justice for vulnerable people

03 Aug 2022

The untold cost of litigation

Niten Chauhan looks at the emotional fallout of civil cases

03 Aug 2022

Do right and fear no-one? Barristers' Days of Action

 Sarah Day reflects upon the reasons behind barristers’ recent Days of Action

18 Jul 2022

Mind the gap: closing the gender pay gap

Dana Denis-Smith considers how to address gender pay inequality

07 Jul 2022

A new direction for modern family law?

Sacha Lee considers Re Ms L and Re Ms M (declaration of parentage) [2022] EWFC 38

05 Jul 2022

The challenges facing the SFO

Aziz Rahman examines problems with SFO investigations

05 Jul 2022

Uncharged suspects' rights: Bloomberg LP v ZXC [2022] UKSC 5

Maia Cohen-Lask and Nick Barnard consider greater fairness for uncharged suspects

05 Jul 2022

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