The Paper Determinations Pilot

Tony Guise considers the latest civil justice reform

28 Nov 2022

Lawyers and alcohol

Psychotherapist Rebecca Ward and barrister Rick Green consider the hard truths of drinking and the

28 Nov 2022

Pressure, performance and stress: a perfect storm

Rebecca Ward and Rick Green examine vicarious trauma and other reasons why lawyers are vulnerable

28 Nov 2022

Cybersecurity for solicitors

Gareth Dalton explains his work to protect firms from cyber breaches

31 Oct 2022

Lack of integrity: a catch-all phrase?

Goldie Millan considers the practical application of legal ethics

31 Oct 2022

Information overload? The future of the ICO

Emily Carter considers developments in the Information Commissioner’s Office

25 Oct 2022

Joint divorces: a false dawn or a new frontier?

Peter Burgess and Shaili Desai evaluate no-fault divorce

21 Oct 2022

Compulsory mediation for small claims: upper or downer?

Tony Guise considers the merits of mandatory mediation

20 Oct 2022

A case law review of data retention in policing

Emelia Bezant-Gahan reviews when police infringement of Article 8 ECHR rights is deemed

20 Oct 2022

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