You probably don’t have a brand…

Patrick Horan critically analyses the optimisation of firms’ marketing and branding

10 Mar 2022

Reparation litigation: lawsuits seeking reparations for anti-Black harms

Dr Angus Nurse examines the effect of equality and diversity in litigation and human rights law

06 Mar 2022

The Great Resignation and restrictive covenants

Nick Wilcox and Theo Nicou reflect on restrictions in employment contracts

06 Mar 2022

Convoy Collateral Ltd v Broad Idea International Ltd [2021] UKPC 24

Jonathan Addo, Victoria Lissack, and Urmi Ahmed examine commercial litigation and freezing injunctions in multiple jurisdictions

28 Feb 2022

Islands in the stream? Tax enforcement and offshore data leaks

Andrew Park explores the effect of offshore data leaks on tax management and evasion

28 Feb 2022

Cawston Park Hospital: another scandal

Dr Margaret Flynn calls for accountability in residential care for vulnerable people

31 Jan 2022

High time to consider IHT?

Jessica Jamieson and Simon Dawson examine the need for attention to inheritance tax planning and estate management.

31 Jan 2022

Access to Justice?

Jane Wessel considers if provision of pro bono is plugging shortfalls in legal aid provision for the vulnerable in society

31 Jan 2022

Mortgage over marriage?

Amanda Phillips-Wyld and Emily Beven examine changes to marriage as a legal and social institution

31 Jan 2022

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