Global forced labour compliance

Adrienne Braumiller and Harold Jackson review the international position on forced labour law and

24 Feb 2023

2022: a good year for the banks

Nicola Allsop reflects on key banking law updates

23 Feb 2023

How to sustain the unsustainable: handling stress

Richard Reade considers coping strategies for lawyers in times of stress

23 Feb 2023

E-Will: Actor Anne Heche’s estate and purported email will

Michelle Chapman considers formats of wills in the digital era

21 Feb 2023

Vicarious liability: a year in review

Jessica Smith looks at the future of vicarious liability in tort law

19 Feb 2023

Are some events unprotestable?

Joseph Hume considers the legality of protester arrests following HM the Queen’s passing

19 Feb 2023

SRA guidance on the UK sanctions regime

Jessica Clay and Lucinda Soon examine the SRA’s expectations on complying with the UK

12 Feb 2023

Dinosaurs and dancing elephants: better business performance

Chris Marston reviews how firms can optimise personnel in practice

03 Jan 2023

Revelations from the Civil Justice Council National Forum

Tony Guise shares the latest insights in civil justice from the CJC National Forum

17 Dec 2022

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