SFO v Petrofac: A new approach from the SFO?

David Stern and Rebecca Thomas analyse the Petrofac decision on bribery

02 Dec 2021

The SFO and O2 investigation

Gary Pons analyses the SFO’s investigation into O2

02 Dec 2021

Part of the fold? CILEX lawyers and ‘belonging’

Professor Chris Bones comments that the legal sector must work harder to support CILEX lawyers and those from non-traditional backgrounds

02 Dec 2021

Rights and attachment, trauma & neurodevelopment wrongs

Dr Josh Carritt-Baker contemplates human rights violations and professional negligence

05 Nov 2021

Consultant lawyers: Divided we fall?

Oliver Brice considers whether the rise in consultant law firms is destroying the foundations of partnership

05 Nov 2021

Understanding the G20/OECD Proposals for a Global Minimum Rate of Corporation Tax

John Weybourne analyses the technical side of the OECD’s new tax framework

05 Nov 2021

Protective Awards: Who Really Pays?

Paul Kissen considers the consequences of protective awards

05 Nov 2021

Plugging crime’s brain drain

Stephen Halloran considers how firms can recruit and attract the next generation of criminal lawyers

05 Nov 2021

A life of crime…

Patrick Horan reflects on what he has learned from his clients in criminal defence

05 Nov 2021

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