A case law review of data retention in policing

Emelia Bezant-Gahan reviews when police infringement of Article 8 ECHR rights is deemed

20 Oct 2022

Barristers or baristas: life for junior criminal defence counsel on strike

Chaynee Hodgetts shares one story of junior criminal barristers’ uncertain future

17 Oct 2022

Hybrid working: how can firms manage the risks?

Julie Norris considers the problems presented by hybrid working

16 Oct 2022

Navigating legal complexities in the digital world

Jin Ling and Holly White consider NFTs, the metaverse, and intellectual property

11 Oct 2022

Costs budgeting: anyone for Marmite?

Tony Guise reports from the Civil Justice Council’s costs conference

09 Oct 2022

Bladed articles and offensive absolutism

Cathál MacPartholán provides a brief review of new laws on offensive weapons in

27 Sep 2022

Repapering: beware the grey swan

Brett Aubin explores if Schrems II is the next grey swan for solicitors

11 Aug 2022

False beliefs on crime rates influencing juries?

Dr Rebecca Helm considers whether false beliefs about prevalence of crime could influence jury

07 Aug 2022

Perils and pitfalls of directing a Jersey energy company

Lynne Gregory reviews the risks and rewards of the Jersey energy sector

07 Aug 2022

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