In or out? The new regime of uncertainty in cross-border accident claims

Simon Ball, Maud Lepez and Belinda Normandale detail several recent cases post-Brexit involving

30 Mar 2023

Guernsey servitudes and English easements: a brief comparison

Anna Douglass and Alastair Hargreaves highlight the similarities and differences between the laws

28 Mar 2023

Personal injury and clinical negligence costs: the gathering storm

James Winterbottom provides a detailed look at the issues with the government’s proposals

27 Mar 2023

The rights of women: an international sanctions response

Suzanne Gallagher takes a closer look at the new sanctions targeting those responsible for the

24 Mar 2023

The crypto challenges facing London’s divorce courts

Caroline Park examines the issues the divorce courts will face when dealing with digital assets

23 Mar 2023

Privatising the criminal justice system

Francesca Titus and Oscar Ratcliffe review the effects of privatisation on criminal justice

17 Mar 2023

Negotiating commercial agreements: key points

Negotiation is art and science working together but should never be left to luck, explains

03 Mar 2023

The civil justice reform train: on track near you

Tony Guise attends the latest civil justice reform event

01 Mar 2023

Unexplained Wealth Orders: under-used and unloved

Nicola Sharp considers UWOs and proceeds of crime

27 Feb 2023

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