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Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie: Pioneering Ambassador for Highland Renewables

Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie: Pioneering Ambassador for Highland Renewables


Angus MacLeod to bridge tourism and renewables, fostering sustainable growth in Highland Renewables initiative

In a groundbreaking move, Angus MacLeod from Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP (WJM) becomes the ambassador for Highland Renewables, uniting the tourism and renewables sectors in the region for mutual benefit.

In an unprecedented collaboration, Highland Renewables aims to amalgamate tourism and renewable energy stakeholders, fostering sustainable growth and development in the Highlands. This pioneering initiative marks a turning point, aiming to entice a new wave of eco-conscious tourists seeking environmentally sustainable destinations.

Angus MacLeod, as the appointed Ambassador, brings extensive expertise from WJM's Inverness office, a pivotal part of the firm's Renewables team for Scotland. His insight into the potential challenges between the tourism and renewables sectors positions him well to facilitate solutions accommodating the interests of both sectors.

Expressing his excitement about this collaboration, Angus highlighted the potential for merging renewables and tourism to create a synergistic effect greater than their individual contributions. He emphasized the importance of achieving a harmonious balance between sustainable communities and a thriving economy for the future of the Highlands & Islands.

WJM's commitment to sustainability and community development shines through its endorsement of Angus MacLeod in this ambassadorial capacity. This step solidifies the firm's dedication to instigating positive change in the Highlands, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between environmental responsibility and economic progress.