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Wordstone Dispute Resolution launches global arbitration hub, thriving post-Paris inception

Wordstone Dispute Resolution launches global arbitration hub, thriving post-Paris inception


Paris-based Wordstone, founded by Dechert alumni, excels in international arbitration, specialising in complex disputes globall

Paris-based international arbitration boutique, Wordstone Dispute Resolution, has swiftly made its mark since its inception at the beginning of the year. Co-founded by seasoned partners Eduardo Silva Romero, José-Manuel García Represa, and Catalina Echeverri Gallego, the firm operates on a conflict-free platform, distinguishing itself in the competitive legal landscape.

Wordstone's core focus remains on key industries, including energy, telecommunications, mining, infrastructure, and pharmaceuticals. The launch followed the departure of two partners from Dechert Paris’ international arbitration practice in December, signalling the emergence of a formidable contender in the arbitration arena.

Headquartered in Paris with additional presence in London and Bogota, Wordstone boasts a global reach. The team, comprised of former Dechert members, including one Counsel, nine associates, two paralegals, and four clerks, brings a wealth of experience in handling high-value complex disputes.

The boutique's modus operandi emphasises a nimble platform with fewer conflicts, facilitating effective navigation of high-value and politically sensitive international commercial arbitrations and investor-state arbitrations. Notably, Wordstone will maintain collaboration with Dechert.

Specialising in commercial and investment arbitration, Wordstone represents sovereign States, State entities, investors, and businesses. The firm's expertise spans a diverse range of industries, arbitral forums, and jurisdictions, with Latin America remaining a focal point, contributing to nearly half of its arbitration cases.

Eduardo Silva Romero, a highly recognised arbitrator, co-manages Wordstone alongside José-Manuel García Represa and Catalina Echeverri Gallego. Eduardo, formerly Co-Chair of the international arbitration global practice at Dechert Paris, brings extensive experience, having acted in over 180 investment and commercial cases.

José-Manuel specialises in international commercial and investment arbitration, with expertise in Europe, Africa, and Latin America. As the current President of the Club Español e Iberoamericano del Arbitraje in France, he is well-versed in handling cases involving concession contracts, oil & gas, engineering and construction, power generation and distribution, mining, and telecommunications.

Catalina Echeverri, now a Partner at Wordstone, brings over a decade of experience in advising clients on high-profile disputes, particularly in investment treaty and commercial matters. With a background in public policy from the University of Oxford, Catalina is actively involved in navigating complex disputes involving sovereign States, State-owned entities, and companies.

Commenting on Wordstone’s launch, Eduardo expressed confidence in the firm's conflict-free approach, offering a client-centric experience. José-Manuel highlighted the global scale of client support, especially in the mining, oil & gas, and construction sectors. Catalina emphasised her excitement in contributing to building the firm's practice.

As Wordstone Dispute Resolution establishes itself as a dynamic player in the international arbitration landscape, its commitment to resolving complex disputes on a global scale is poised to make a lasting impact.