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WJM and Irwin Mitchell's grand celebration: Unveiling a new partnership with British athletics stars

WJM and Irwin Mitchell's grand celebration: Unveiling a new partnership with British athletics stars


WJM and Irwin Mitchell toast successful investment, unveiling growth plans with British Athletics superstars at Glasgow event

In a spectacular celebration of their recent investment deal, Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP (WJM) and Irwin Mitchell came together for an unforgettable evening at WJM's Glasgow office. The event, held on Tuesday night, marked the formalisation of their partnership, bringing the legal powerhouses into a collaborative journey of growth and success.

To commemorate this significant milestone, the evening unfolded with the presence of British Athletics luminaries, including the acclaimed Callum Hawkins, Jemma Reekie, and Maria Lyle. The trio, who recently made headlines with Reekie's silver win in the 800-meters at the World Athletics Indoor Championships, graciously shared insights into their careers and the strategies that keep them at the pinnacle of their game.

The celebration was not merely a gesture of corporate union but also a revelry of achievement, symbolising the completion of the recent investment deal that paved the way for WJM and Irwin Mitchell to join forces. With regulatory approval in their pockets, these legal giants are now poised for growth across the UK and internationally.

Mark Higgins, Managing Partner for Irwin Mitchell in Scotland, expressed the firm's commitment to celebrating talent and excellence through sporting partnerships. He emphasised the shared values between the law firms and the athletes – a commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and proudly representing Scotland and Britain.

As both firms embark on an Olympic and Paralympic year, the celebration becomes doubly significant. The partnership not only aligns with the spirit of athletic excellence but also marks a milestone year for the legal entities, as they aim to grow and succeed together.

The event, attended by colleagues, clients, friends, and families, provided a platform for the firms to elucidate the new dawn that awaits both WJM and Irwin Mitchell. Colleagues from Irwin Mitchell, namely Bruce Macmillan, Craig Marshall, and Mark Higgins, have joined the newly-formed WJM Management Board. This strategic move aims to facilitate the exchange of best practices and capitalise on opportunities for mutual growth.

Fraser Gillies, Managing Partner for WJM, expressed excitement about the journey ahead, stating that since the announcement of the partnership plans at the end of the previous year, it has been an encouraging and thrilling experience. The event was graced by the presence of Scottish athletes, adding a touch of inspiration to the occasion.

As complementary forces in the legal landscape, Irwin Mitchell Scotland's expertise in banking, finance, and complex personal injury work aligns seamlessly with WJM's specializstion in corporate, private client, property, and asset management. Together, they now offer a comprehensive suite of legal services and financial planning across more than 20 locations in England, Scotland, and Wales. Additionally, they are part of international law firm networks spanning an impressive 200 jurisdictions, solidifying their global presence.