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Wilkin Chapman leads with environmentally friendly website

Wilkin Chapman leads with environmentally friendly website


Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire’s premier law firm, achieves top environmental accolade for its energy-efficient website

TBD Marketing's survey of the UK’s largest 200 law firms reveals Wilkin Chapman's website produces 98% less carbon dioxide per page view than the industry average.

Director of Marketing & Business Development, Gaius Powell, highlights the firm's commitment to sustainability and combating climate change through practical measures.

Wilkin Chapman's website,, boasts faster page load times, enhancing user experience while minimising carbon emissions.

Each visit to the site generates just 0.09g of CO2, significantly lower than the average website's 4.61 grams, resulting in a substantial carbon footprint reduction.

In the past year alone, the website welcomed over 82,000 visitors, emitting a total of 7.38 kg of CO2—equivalent to a vehicle's emissions over a 32-mile drive.

Root Studio, Wilkin Chapman's web and design agency, collaborated closely to ensure carbon emission reduction measures were integrated into the website's creation and ongoing optimisation.

Partner Lea Chapman stresses Root Studio's commitment to carbon neutrality, utilising renewable energy-powered data centres for hosting sites.

Wilkin Chapman's environmentally friendly website performance ranks higher than 92% of websites globally, showcasing the firm's dedication to sustainability.

With over 420 partners and staff spread across multiple legal offices, Wilkin Chapman leads by example in championing environmental responsibility within the legal sector.