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Wigan emerges as surprising contender for legal professionals

Wigan emerges as surprising contender for legal professionals


Wigan, a town nestled in Greater Manchester, has unexpectedly secured the second spot in a recent study by Witan Solicitors, positioning itself as an attractive destination for legal professionals outside of London

The study, which evaluates various factors including average reported salaries, job opportunities, and cost of living, sheds light on the burgeoning opportunities for lawyers beyond the capital city. Witan Solicitors, currently based in Northampton and Birmingham commissioned the survey to establish where is the best place for lawyers to live and work.

Despite its modest size and relatively lower profile compared to larger urban centres, Wigan boasts an impressive index score of 7.9 out of 10, surpassing major cities like Birmingham and Manchester in the rankings. This underscores Wigan's growing reputation as a favourable location for legal practitioners seeking career advancement and financial stability.

The study reveals that legal professionals in Wigan enjoy a competitive average salary, coupled with a favourable cost of living index. While London still reigns supreme as the top city for legal careers, with an index score of 8.6, Wigan's rise to prominence underscores the shifting landscape of the legal industry and the increasing opportunities available beyond traditional metropolitan hubs.

The top 10 cities identified in the study present a diverse range of options for legal professionals seeking to establish their careers. From bustling urban centres like Birmingham and Manchester to quieter locales like Plymouth and Crawley, each city offers its own unique blend of opportunities and lifestyle advantages.

For aspiring lawyers looking to embark on their professional journey or experienced practitioners seeking new horizons, Wigan's unexpected ascent in the rankings serves as a testament to the town's evolving appeal and the wealth of opportunities awaiting legal professionals outside of London's bustling streets!

Photo -  Maks Litwinski