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Whistleblower takes legal action against MOD and GPT over corruption expose

Whistleblower takes legal action against MOD and GPT over corruption expose


Retired Royal Signals Officer, Ian Foxley, who revealed corrupt payments to Saudi officials, sues MOD and GPT over mistreatment

A courageous whistleblower, Ian Foxley, formerly a senior executive at GPT Special Projects Management Limited (GPT), is initiating legal proceedings against the Ministry of Defence (MOD), the Department of International Trade, and GPT. Foxley raised concerns about corrupt payments amounting to millions of pounds being funnelled to high-ranking Saudi officials to secure a massive defence deal for the British company GPT. The legal action centres on his treatment after bringing the scandal to light.

Foxley, a retired Royal Signals Officer, uncovered substantial payments to offshore accounts linked to influential Saudis, prompting him to escalate the matter to senior MOD officials. Unbeknownst to him, the MOD reported his disclosures to GPT, resulting in alleged threats from GPT's Managing Director and HR Director. Fearing for his safety, Foxley fled Saudi Arabia, and upon returning to London, his contract with GPT was terminated, hindering his future employment in the Defence industry.

GPT later faced charges from the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), pleading guilty to corruption offenses that led to fines and confiscations totalling £28 million plus £2.2 million in costs. Two GPT employees charged with bribery were acquitted after arguing that payments were authorised by the British and Saudi governments.

In court, the SFO revealed payments were made to Prince Mit’eb bin Abdullah and associates to secure contracts with the Saudi Arabian National Guard. The sentencing remarks of Mr. Justice Bryan, made public in April 2021, disclosed a UK government awareness of such practices since 1982, emphasising Prince Mit’eb's importance for companies dealing with the Saudi Arabian National Guard.

Now, Lt Col Foxley is seeking justice through legal action against the MOD, the Department of International Trade, and GPT, citing corruption and mistreatment since raising concerns. Foxley emphasised the gravity of the corruption exposed during the recent trial and criticised the neglect of moral and legal considerations.

In response, Paul Dowling, a partner at Leigh Day, asserted that despite Foxley's whistleblowing leading to significant fines against GPT, the whistleblower has suffered irreparable financial and psychological harm. Dowling called on GPT and responsible government departments to address the mistreatment of a whistleblower who refused complicity in corruption at the highest levels of the British government. The legal battle underscores the lasting impact on Foxley's life and the urgent need for accountability in cases of corruption and mistreatment of whistleblowers.