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Whistleblower files legal claim over treatment following exposure of corruption

Whistleblower files legal claim over treatment following exposure of corruption


Ian Foxley, a whistleblower who uncovered corrupt payments to Saudi officials by British defence company GPT Special Projects Management Limited (GPT), has initiated legal action over his treatment since revealing the scandal

As a senior executive at GPT, part of the Airbus aerospace group, Foxley discovered substantial payments to offshore accounts linked to high-ranking Saudis. After escalating his concerns to the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Foxley alleges that GPT's Managing Director and HR Director (a senior Saudi Princess) threatened him with jail in Riyadh. Fearing for his safety, Foxley fled Saudi Arabia. Upon returning to London, GPT terminated his contract, rendering him unable to find employment in the Defence industry.

An investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) led to GPT's guilty plea in 2021, resulting in fines and confiscations totaling £28 million plus £2.2 million in costs. Despite this, two GPT employees were acquitted of corruption offences in March 2024, arguing that payments were authorised by British and Saudi governments.

On March 28, Foxley filed a legal claim against MOD, Department for Business and Trade, and GPT over corruption and his treatment as a whistleblower.

Foxley stated, "This claim is to settle accounts for my betrayal as a confidential whistleblower reporting significant corruption. Whistleblowers suffer greatly for their integrity and courage and deserve proper compensation."

Paul Dowling, partner at Leigh Day, remarked, "Foxley's pursuit of truth exposed a high-level corruption scheme implicating the UK Government, resulting in substantial fines. His personal impact, however, has been devastating, warranting legal action for remedy."

Foxley is supported by Spotlight on Corruption, whose Executive Director Susan Hawley noted, "Without Foxley's whistleblowing, GPT's corruption would have gone unchecked. The case underscores the importance of protecting whistleblowers and compensating them appropriately."