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WeNet Group strategic acquisition of Semergy Group

WeNet Group strategic acquisition of Semergy Group


Bauer Media seeks to exit SEO/SEM business in Poland as WeNet Group strategically acquires Semergy Group

In a move to strengthen its presence in the digital marketing services sector, WeNet Group, backed by Polish private equity firm Innova Capital, plans to acquire the Semergy Group. Legal advice for Bauer Media, involved in this strategic acquisition, has been provided by Noerr.

The Semergy Group, consisting of five esteemed digital marketing agencies, is known for its specialization in providing SEO services to small and medium-sized businesses across Poland. The agencies under the Semergy Group umbrella include Sunrise System, Artefakt, Grupa-TENSE, Semahead, and

WeNet's overarching strategy is to consolidate the digital marketing services sector, creating a robust business with the scale necessary to innovate and effectively serve SME customers in Poland. This initiative becomes crucial in a landscape where the utilization of AI in internet marketing has significantly increased.

For Bauer Media, the acquisition marks an exit from the SEO/SEM business in Poland, one of the five segments of its operations in the Polish market. The remaining segments include activities in the audio market through the country's largest RMF Group, publishing (primarily women’s magazines), financial comparison platforms in partnership with the Netrisk Group, and printing operations (two large printing facilities in Ciechanów and Wykroty).

Chief Operating Officer Paul Keenan emphasized that Bauer Media will shift its focus to the transformation of its core publishing and audio divisions, maintaining a robust presence in Poland amidst these strategic changes.

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