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VWV collaborates with University of Bristol on £225m government-funded AI supercomputer project

VWV collaborates with University of Bristol on £225m government-funded AI supercomputer project


The firm aids the University of Bristol in Government's investment to establish Isambard-AI, propelling Bristol to AI innovation forefront

VWV, a Bristol-based national law firm, has played a pivotal role in supporting the University of Bristol in its partnership with the Government for the creation of Isambard-AI. This cutting-edge AI research resource, backed by a £225 million investment, promises to be a game-changer in the realm of artificial intelligence, positioning Bristol as a global leader in AI innovation.

Isambard-AI, slated to be ten times more potent than the UK's current fastest supercomputer, is set to revolutionise research capabilities across various sectors. Scheduled to launch in summer 2024 at the National Composites Centre, this supercomputer will empower AI researchers nationwide to explore emerging technologies and accelerate breakthroughs in critical areas such as automated drug discovery and climate research.

Recognising the strategic significance and time sensitivity of the project, VWV swiftly mobilised a team of experts to navigate the legal and regulatory complexities surrounding Isambard-AI. Leveraging their extensive experience in managing multi-million-pound IT projects, VWV provided comprehensive guidance on procurement, grant funding, supply chain management, and legal compliance, ensuring seamless alignment with governmental and university objectives.

Led by partners Stephanie Rickard and James Barr, VWV's team, including specialists from their renowned Higher Education sector group, collaborated closely with the University's project team to expedite the delivery of Isambard-AI within a tight schedule. Stephanie Rickard remarked on the collaborative effort, emphasizing the challenges posed by the project's intricacies and critical timelines.

VWV's longstanding partnership with the University facilitated a smooth integration into the project team, enabling informed decision-making and efficient resolution of legal hurdles. For Higher Education institutions embarking on similar ventures, VWV offers tailored expertise and a commercially focused approach to project management.