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Virgin Media O2 joins Greener Litigation as associate member, prioritising environmental impact

Virgin Media O2 joins Greener Litigation as associate member, prioritising environmental impact


Virgin Media O2 commits to reducing litigation's environmental impact by joining Greener Litigation as an Associate

Virgin Media O2, a major player in the telecommunications industry, has recently pledged its commitment to reducing the environmental footprint associated with litigation. By becoming an Associate Member of Greener Litigation, the company aims to contribute actively towards sustainable dispute resolution practices.

The Greener Litigation Associate Member Pledge offers an avenue for organizations involved in litigation, albeit not primarily litigation-focused entities, to endorse Greener Litigation's objectives. This initiative aids in driving progress towards achieving carbon neutrality and minimising the ecological impact associated with legal proceedings.

Virgin Media O2's participation in this initiative aligns with its overarching sustainability strategy, the Better Connections Plan. The company has set ambitious goals to attain net zero carbon emissions encompassing its operations, products, and supply chain by 2040 (covering Scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions).

Highlighting strides made in environmental stewardship, the company reported a notable 29% reduction in carbon emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) from its 2020 baseline last year. Additionally, Virgin Media O2 prevented more than 29 million tonnes of carbon from entering the Earth's atmosphere, demonstrating a tangible commitment to combatting climate change.

Virgin Media O2's net zero target has received validation from respected entities like the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and the Carbon Trust, which bestowed the Advancing Level of the organization's Route to Net Zero Standard. This recognition underscores the company's leadership in addressing environmental concerns within the telecommunications sector.

Enrique Medina Malo, General Counsel at Virgin Media O2, emphasised the significance of signing the Greener Litigation Pledge. He stressed that this commitment reinforces their broader goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions, engaging legal teams and suppliers to actively participate in reducing their environmental impact.

Olivia Wybraniec, Managing Associate Barrister and Greener Litigation Steering Committee Co-Chair, welcomed Virgin Media O2 as the fifth Associate Member and the 125th organization supporting sustainable dispute resolution. Wybraniec highlighted the influential role these members play in advocating for sustainability within the legal landscape and expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with Virgin Media O2 to encourage further support for Greener Litigation's objectives.