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Videosign and OneID forge partnership to enhance digital signature security

Videosign and OneID forge partnership to enhance digital signature security


Videosign's collaboration with OneID enables secure, bank-verified identity checks for efficient digital signatures

Digital signature pioneer, Videosign, has entered a strategic partnership with OneID, an identity verification specialist, aiming to bolster security measures and streamline user authentication processes.

This partnership introduces a novel feature allowing Videosign users to verify identities using pre-validated information linked to their bank accounts before digitally signing contracts or documents. Steven Tallant, Videosign's Chief Executive, highlights the significance of this collaboration, emphasizing the ease and reliability of identity verification without the need for form-filling or document uploads.

Since its launch in 2019, Videosign has revolutionized traditional pen-and-ink signatures by providing a secure and convenient online platform widely utilized in financial and legal sectors. The platform not only facilitates remote document signing but also stores documents securely with tamper-proof digital signatures, alongside video evidence of the signing process.

OneID's Chief Customer Officer, Keith Mabbitt, underscores the amalgamation of Videosign's signature approach with OneID's identity solution, ensuring a secure authentication process for Videosign's users and signatories.

Nina Hinton, Videosign's Head of Business Growth, expresses the partnership's value, highlighting the enhanced convenience for users, enabling document signing irrespective of physical identity documents. The incorporation of bank data for identity verification further streamlines the signing process, allowing users to sign documents conveniently on any device, anywhere.

Videosign remains committed to providing robust security measures compliant with the highest eIDAS European safety standards, offering users the option of identity verification through AI-powered facial recognition using passport or driving licence photos.

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