Jane Coker reviews the latest cases on family reunion, right to family life, the UN’s refugee convention, students, and the recognition of Muslim divorces

Family reunion/children

YS & YY(Ethiopia) [2008] UKAIT 93 held when considering paragraph 352D of the Immigration Rules '“ the requirements to be met by a child seeking to join a parent 'who has been granted asylum in the UK' (352D(i)) - that the words should be given their ordinary meaning and that 'clearly led to the conclusion that it applies to a parent who has been granted asylum and makes no qualification as to any need for that status to be current at the date of application of the child to join the parent in the UK'(paragraph 31). A week later DL (DRC) & ZN (Afghanistan) [2008] EWCA Civ 1420 was handed down and Laws LJ confirmed that interpretation of the Rules precluded a purposive approach. He however held that the ord...

Jean-Yves Gilg
Solicitors Journal

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