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Unregistered barrister ordered to be disbarred

Unregistered barrister ordered to be disbarred


Stuart Eric Dodd engaged in conduct discreditable to a Barrister

Unregistered barrister Stuart Eric Dodd was ordered to be disbarred by an independent disciplinary tribunal which concluded on 2 October 2023 following findings of professional misconduct on eight charges brought by the Bar Standards Board (BSB).

The tribunal found that, before being called to the Bar by Middle Temple in 2018, Mr Dodd engaged in conduct which was discreditable to a barrister and which he failed to fairly disclose to his Inn before he was Called as a barrister. This conduct related to a conviction for harassment. Mr Dodd was then made subject to a Non-Molestation Order relating to this individual, which he was subsequently convicted of breaching and he failed in his duty to report both the Order and his conviction to the BSB. Additionally, at a court hearing in the family court, Mr Dodd behaved in a way that the tribunal found to be abusive and aggressive. The tribunal found all eight charges proved and ordered that Mr Dodd be disbarred.

Commenting on the order, a BSB spokesperson said: “A conviction for harassment and for breaching a court order, failing to report such conduct to the regulator and failing to be open and cooperative with the regulator are all very serious matters, which are manifestly incompatible with the high standards expected of the Bar. The tribunal’s decision reflects the seriousness of these charges”.

The tribunal’s decision is open to appeal.