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Understanding the 2024 Immigration Health Surcharge Increase

Understanding the 2024 Immigration Health Surcharge Increase


Osbourne Pinner Solicitors, provides guidance on the forthcoming Immigration Health Surcharge changes

Osbourne Pinner Solicitors, a reputable law firm situated in London, is dedicated to assisting clients with the impending alterations in the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) set for 2024. Recognizing the complexity and challenges associated with the upcoming rate hike, the firm aims to offer essential aid to individuals and families intending to relocate to the UK or extend their stay.

The imminent rise in IHS rates is poised to cause confusion and worry among prospective immigrants. Responding to this, Osbourne Pinner Solicitors commits to furnishing comprehensive guidance and clear information, aiding those affected in navigating the nuances of the new regulations.

Approaching the 2024 IHS increase, it becomes crucial for potential immigrants to comprehend the financial impact of these adjustments. The new rates signify a significant shift in migration costs to the UK, necessitating preparedness.

The IHS, a mandatory fee for immigrants, contributes to the UK's National Health Service (NHS), ensuring access to healthcare similar to UK residents.

Presently, the standard fee stands at £624 annually for most adults, with specific rates for students, Youth Mobility visa holders, and individuals under 18, set at £470 per year.

From January 16, 2024, the IHS rates will soar significantly, escalating from £624 to £1,035 annually. This surge aims to manage migration effectively, ensuring fair contributions towards public services, particularly the NHS. Osbourne Pinner offers expert guidance on the implications for those aspiring to relocate.

For instance, a family of five applying for a Skilled Worker visa under the new IHS rates will face a total cost of £25,875. This calculation, considering the new rate applied to the main applicant and dependents over a typical 5-year visa period, highlights the substantial financial planning necessary under the revised policy.

The IHS increase will notably affect sponsors—businesses and family members supporting visa applicants. Greater financial commitment is anticipated, potentially influencing recruitment strategies for businesses and the capacity of family sponsors to support multiple members.

Families applying for spouse visas will face significant financial burdens due to these changes, impacting plans for reunification or settlement in the UK.

However, exemptions are in place, such as healthcare workers exempted from the IHS to attract essential professionals. Additionally, applicants under the Ukraine Scheme are exempted, reflecting the UK's commitment to aiding those affected by international crises.

Legal professionals play a crucial role during this period of change, offering guidance to mitigate the surcharge's impact and ensure compliance with new regulations. Seeking legal advice is advisable for those affected by the shifting migration policies.

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