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UK’s first all-electric ‘green’ prison: contract awarded to Mitie care & custody

UK’s first all-electric ‘green’ prison: contract awarded to Mitie care & custody


In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability and innovation in the UK's prison system, Mitie Care & Custody has secured the contract to operate HMP Millsike, the country's first all-electric 'green' prison

This milestone development, announced by the Ministry of Justice, signifies a significant step forward in the realm of environmentally conscious incarceration.

Set to accommodate approximately 1,500 inmates, HMP Millsike is slated to become operational next year, boasting cutting-edge technology designed to minimize its environmental footprint. Powered solely by electricity, the prison will harness solar panels, heat pump technology, and energy-efficient lighting systems, thereby reducing its energy consumption by a remarkable 75% compared to conventional penitentiaries.

Mitie Care & Custody's successful bid for the 10-year contract follows a rigorous selection process, during which the company demonstrated its commitment to delivering superior services in the realm of prison management and rehabilitation. Notably, the firm has pledged to provide comprehensive drug treatment programs, tailored learning packages, and 1,000 living wage jobs for former inmates over the duration of the contract.

Prisons Minister Edward Argar hailed the initiative as a pivotal moment in the government's ongoing efforts to modernize the penal system, emphasizing the importance of rehabilitation in reducing recidivism rates and enhancing public safety. With HMP Millsike poised to become a beacon of progressive correctional practices, Mitie Care & Custody's appointment signals a new era of compassionate and sustainable incarceration.

Beyond its environmental implications, the construction and operation of HMP Millsike carry significant socioeconomic benefits for the Yorkshire region. The project has already injected over £117 million into the local economy, providing employment opportunities for hundreds of individuals. Moreover, the integration of prisoners into the workforce through initiatives like day-release construction work fosters valuable skills and promotes successful reintegration into society upon release.

The government's investment in the expansion and modernization of the prison system reflects a multifaceted approach to addressing the challenges of crime and rehabilitation. By partnering with private sector entities like Mitie Care & Custody, policymakers aim to leverage innovation and efficiency to achieve their objectives while delivering value for taxpayers.

As the UK continues its ambitious prison building program, the emergence of HMP Millsike stands as a testament to the transformative potential of sustainable practices and collaborative partnerships in the realm of criminal justice. With its focus on environmental stewardship and inmate rehabilitation, this pioneering facility heralds a new chapter in the evolution of penal institutions, poised to inspire similar initiatives worldwide.