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UK commits to international legal recognition with signing of Hague 19 Convention

UK commits to international legal recognition with signing of Hague 19 Convention


The UK government's endorsement of the Hague 19 Convention ensures global recognition of judgments from English and Welsh courts

In a significant move towards enhancing its global status in dispute resolution, the UK government has officially signed the Hague 19 Convention. This landmark treaty means that judgments made in UK courts regarding individuals and companies entangled in cross-country disputes will be recognized and enforced in the courts of other nations that have joined the Convention, and vice versa.

Currently, different domestic rules in each country for recognizing and enforcing foreign judgments can deter crucial business investment. The Hague 19 Convention establishes an international framework for the recognition and enforcement of judgments, providing greater certainty for businesses and individuals involved in cross-border litigation.

Justice Minister, Lord Bellamy, stated that joining the Hague Convention is a significant step forward for the UK in private international law, strengthening its appeal as a center for dispute resolution. The Convention's robust regime for the recognition and enforcement of judgments instills confidence for those engaged in civil and commercial disputes across borders.

This move is particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals operating between the UK and other countries, offering assurance of uniform legal rules and encouraging international trade and investment. Under the Convention, businesses can trust that if a dispute arises, their judgment can be enforced in another country.

As of now, there are 29 parties to the 2019 Hague Convention, including Ukraine and EU Member States, with Uruguay joining this year. With 91 members in the Hague Conference on Private International Law, Hague 2019 has the potential for a global reach.

Nick Emmerson, President of the Law Society of England and Wales, expressed satisfaction with the UK's participation, emphasizing the positive impact on access to justice globally. He highlighted the ongoing need for discussions, including the UK's accession to the Lugano Convention, to facilitate cross-border enforcement.

In essence, the UK's Hague Convention membership signifies a crucial move towards harmonizing global legal processes, fostering international cooperation, and fortifying the foundations for fair and efficient legal proceedings across borders.

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