So, you know what Twitter is and what it can do for businesses, and have decided that it is right for your firm. But what's next? In the second of her two-part article, Helene Russell gives tips for successful tweeting

As I set out previously, there are three main potential benefits of Twitter to businesses and individuals:

  • Listening and research.
  • Sharing information.
  • Networking, building relationships and communities.

The last of these three has the greatest potential, helping you to shrink the emotional distance between your firm and its followers. However, there are risks and if you do not have anyone suitable to tweet within your firm or if your clients are traditionalists who view enterprise 2.0 with suspicion, you may be wasting time and money by tweeting. Whether Twitter could help your firm or your lawyers depends upon you, your clients, your brand and your business objectives. If you are uncertain as to w...

Jean-Yves Gilg
Solicitors Journal

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