Chaynee Hodgetts interviews Nigel Lithman QC, retired Circuit Judge and author

A conversation with Nigel Lithman QC is far more frank than could be expected from most members of the judiciary. As the silk who, as its Chairman, led the Criminal Bar Association strike in 2014, and then sat as a Circuit Judge, he is remarkably outspoken.

The path to the Bench

As far as background is concerned going from technical college to the Bench via the life of a busy and successful Queen’s Counsel was, at the time, an unusual path. So how did he manage to do so? On this, Lithman QC recollects: “Well, I suppose things started with the fact that in my family, if you couldn't stand the sight of blood, then you were likely to become a lawyer of one sort or another. At one stage, my family...

Nigel Lithman QC
Retired Circuit Judge & Author

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