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Travers Smith spins off AI capability with the launch of Jylo

Travers Smith spins off AI capability with the launch of Jylo


The firm unveils Jylo, an independent AI software company, led by Shawn Curran, former Director of Legal Technology

Jylo's platform transforms unstructured data into structured information, offering an "intelligence marketplace" for customised products.

The move marks Travers Smith's strategic expansion into the legal tech market, building on its pioneering AI initiatives:

  • Analyse: Enhances chatbot functionality for scalable tasks like discovery and diligence.
  • YCNBot: Open-sourced to deploy ChatGPT safely across 200+ organisations.
  • Etatonna: First legal industry data labelling AI platform.

Edmund Reed, Managing Partner, Travers Smith, expresses confidence in Jylo's potential to innovate independently while continuing to support the firm as its first customer.

Shawn Curran, CEO of Jylo, anticipates integrating AI capabilities into a flexible, cloud-based platform with chat and intelligence features, and a unique marketplace for custom Intelligence Products.

Travers Smith's AI initiatives have garnered several awards, including recognition at the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Europe Awards and the CogX Awards.

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