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Torsten Fett and Alexander Ritvay to Lead Noerr for Another Three Years

Torsten Fett and Alexander Ritvay to Lead Noerr for Another Three Years


Noerr, is set to maintain the leadership of Torsten Fett and Alexander Ritvay for an additional three years, as announced after a successful round of regular partner elections

The decision reflects the confidence of the firm's partners in the duo's leadership capabilities.

Since assuming the roles of joint managing partners in 2019, Torsten Fett and Alexander Ritvay have played pivotal roles in steering the firm towards substantial growth. Alexander Ritvay, in particular, has been in the managing partner position since 2013, showcasing a deep and enduring commitment to the firm's success.

Under their leadership, Noerr has witnessed impressive expansion, with turnover in the German market soaring by approximately 82% since 2013. The period from 2020 to the close of the 2022 business year marked an 18% increase, culminating in a total turnover of €298.6 million. This growth has been attributed to the firm's strategic emphasis on developing qualitative growth in its advisory business, notably in corporate and private equity practices, and M&A.

Torsten Fett, co-head of the Compliance & Internal Investigations practice, has been a crucial part of Noerr's journey since 2001. His expertise lies in advising management and supervisory boards on corporate, capital markets, and financial regulatory matters. Fett's contributions extend to assisting banks, financial service providers, and companies in internal investigations, offering preventive advice on compliance management systems. His elevation to partnership in 2008 underscores his longstanding dedication to the firm.

Alexander Ritvay, who joined Noerr in 1995 and became a partner in 2000, is recognised as one of Europe's leading M&A advisors by legal publishers. His focus on complex transactions and cross-border projects has significantly contributed to Noerr's success. Ritvay's wealth of experience extends beyond legal practice, with roles as a managing director and board member at renowned companies, both in Germany and abroad. His role as a spokesperson for the forum for commercial law firms at the German Bar Association further highlights his industry influence.

The new terms for Torsten Fett and Alexander Ritvay are set to commence on 1 January 2025. As Noerr looks towards the future, the leadership duo aims to build on their achievements, ensuring the firm remains at the forefront of legal excellence and client satisfaction.