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Tom Little KC appointed First Senior Treasury Counsel to the Crown

Tom Little KC appointed First Senior Treasury Counsel to the Crown


Tom Little KC named First Senior Treasury Counsel, succeeding Oliver Glasgow KC

Tom Little KC has been appointed as the new First Senior Treasury Counsel to the Crown, as announced today by the Attorney General, Rt Hon Victoria Prentis KC MP. This appointment, set to take effect on April 1, 2024, marks a significant development in the legal landscape.

The Senior Treasury Counsel, stationed at the Central Criminal Court, undertake the prosecution of some of the most intricate cases in the country. They provide legal counsel on behalf of the Law Officers, various government departments, and principal prosecuting authorities.

These appointments are made by the Attorney General in collaboration with the Director of Public Prosecutions. Tom Little KC will succeed Oliver Glasgow KC, who assumed the role of First Senior Treasury Counsel in 2021.

Rt Hon Victoria Prentis KC MP expressed her delight at the appointment, praising Tom Little KC for his wealth of legal experience and expertise in handling the nation's most significant cases. She extended gratitude to Oliver Glasgow KC for his valuable service in the crucial role.

Tom Little KC's legal journey includes serving as Junior Treasury Counsel in 2012 and advancing to the position of Senior Treasury Counsel in 2017. Additionally, he held the role of Junior Counsel to the Crown from 2014 to 2018.

The term "Treasury Counsel" traces its origins to a time when all Crown Counsel at the Central Criminal Court were instructed by the Treasury Solicitor. The process underwent a transformation in 1908, with the Director of Public Prosecutions taking charge of instructing permanent counsel since then.

Treasury Counsel comprises two groups: Senior Treasury Counsel and Junior Treasury Counsel. Tom Little KC expressed his honour at being appointed as the next First Senior Treasury Counsel, emphasizing the vital role Treasury Counsel plays in prosecuting the country's most high-profile cases.

In his statement, Tom Little KC acknowledged the excellent work of his predecessor, Oliver Glasgow KC, and expressed his anticipation of continuing to represent the Law Officers, government departments, and principal prosecuting authorities alongside the Treasury Counsel team. This appointment solidifies Tom Little KC's pivotal role in upholding the legal integrity of the nation.